Why SCcomms

We believe technology breaks down barriers and unlocks potential. The research and development teams of diverse expertise within our company are empowered to create a communications ecosystem that works unconstrained by size and the unique working processes of every business.

Leading-edge cloud technology, the way forward

One cloud-based unified communications platform brings everything and everyone together from anywhere, anytime. Your business will become more agile and able to respond quickly and efficiently. It is business as usual, even in unexpected conditions.

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Communications made seamless

Employees are the backbone of our company. Empower them with efficient tools to reach their full potential from the front desk to the contact center and wherever the need arises for optimisation. Let them seamlessly transition from phone call to team chat to screen or file share from one unified communications platform. Take effectiveness further and make it cloud-based for integration across all locations such as HQ, brand outlets, or overseas offices.

The product you’ve been developing for months is brain-stormed and launched in no time. The issue pending everyone’s schedule to discuss can be resolved quickly for the production line to be up and running without disrupting the supply chain.

Time is of the essence. Why wait when going seamless saves the day.

Do more, reach more with less

Staying with an out-of-date and underperforming on-premise PBX system is far riskier and costs more in the long run. System outage, high maintenance, and upgrade costs across all your business locations will affect internal processes and cause setbacks when customers’ journey with your business is less than satisfactory.

Remember, there is no do-over with your company’s brand values. The longer you wait, the costlier it gets.

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Need-based subscription, scalable with growth

Pay for the cloud-based unified communication services based on the needs of your business today. Go comprehensive when you grow or scale back when unexpected conditions hit.

Every company wants win-win situations. This one is a sure winner.

Maintenance-free, leave the technical stuff to the experts

The adoption and deployment of cloud-based unified communications service does not require you or the administrator to be technically inclined to use or set up. If you have ever set up and used an app on your phone, you will do just fine. The easiest and quickest communications system you’ll ever set up with a step-by-step guide.

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Our solutions are catered to a spectrum of business

Make customers feel special every time they connect with your brand. Give employees AI-powered tools to keep them connected. And be ready to pivot continuously to meet ever-changing needs.
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