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Unified Communications as a Service is an integration of all communication tools like phone, messaging, video, or contact centers into one platform supported by cloud service or software. It essentially increases productivity by connecting everyone and everything. The benefit of UCaaS is that it enables mobility as part of the business strategy. In addition, the real-time user status keeps team members informed about who is offline or online, on a call, engaging in a meeting with customers, etc., making team collaboration flexible and time-saving.
Yes. We are full-service telecommunications product, services, and cloud solutions provider.
No matter the size of the business, switching to a unified communications platform supported by cloud service is no longer a want but a need to meet modern customer and employee expectations, reach sales goals and stay ahead of competitors. How far your business can thrive and succeed will depend on the choices you make today.
Cloud-based unified communications (UC) are getting more affordable than on-premise UC. There is no hardware system to purchase or maintain, and it is subscription-based and comes with free maintenance. You subscribe based on what your business needs today and are scalable as it grows.

If you have ever set up and used an app on your phone, you will do just fine. It is easy to set up with a step-by-step guide. Our technical support team is available to help accelerate your deployment and adoption.

In today’s digital world, you and your employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere. The only hindrance is a communications system that is not flexible or agile and requires high 13 upgrade costs to maintain. While it may seem like changing your communications system involves significant effort and risk. But, staying with an out-of-date and underperforming on-premise PBX is far riskier. The utilisation of multiple business numbers on fixed lines or mobile confuses the customers and creates an inconsistent company image. Make dropped calls or unanswered inbound calls a thing of the past with modern communications technology. A cloud-based unified communications platform can do much more such as automating processes, collecting and analysing data, etc.
Review our plans and pricing. Submit the contact form for us to recommend the communication solution that is best suited for your business. Or, call our sales team to help you devise a unified communications plan to suit your needs now and be scalable to match the future needs of your company.

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