Business Phone System

Cloud PBX with unique UC Features

Premium features

Unlimited calls, messaging

Users can benefit from free unlimited on-net calls and messaging. Save more monthly, especially for long-distance and international calls.

Multi-level Auto Attendant

An automated receptionist for custom call experiences through multiple menus that enable layers of personalisation to be established based on customised business needs.
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Productivity Enhancer

Greetings/music on hold

Perk up your customer’s call experience with music to entertain and messages that enhance your company’s brand image

Push notification

Never miss a call, message, or voicemail from your business line with reliable push notifications when you are busy or on the go.

Speed dial and BLF

Speed dial for frequently used numbers. Real-time Busy Lamp Field (BLF) capability enables efficient call distribution by identifying the busy or available status indicator.

Call Handling

Call blocking

Block inbound calls with caller ID. Block your caller ID from being displayed on the screen of the person receiving the call.

Call Transfer

Transfer call directly to an extension (cold transfer), or inform and initiate a transfer (warm transfer) to redirect the customer’s inbound call. Calls are transferable to or from any device.

Caller ID

Standardise outgoing caller ID information across your company for a consistent image to your customers.

Call forwarding

Set call forwarding to your mobile device from a business line.

Call waiting and parking

Put a current call on hold, and with call parking, it will be in a virtual holding area until someone from any extension answers it.

Visual voicemail

Receive voicemail delivered to the email inbox that you can forward and share with colleagues. Differentiate your personal and professional voicemail.

Business phone number/ extension

Make a business phone number and extension available to each user for personal numbers to remain private.

Share one number across devices

Share a single business phone number across multiple phones, and answer calls from any phone.

Call Management

Ring groups

Every extension in the group rings when a call comes in. Any person can answer the call at an available extension.

Call Queues

The queue is distributed to an available extension in the order received. An intelligent routing call process based on an organised and prioritised way reduces wait times.

Call monitoring

Managers and supervisors can use this feature to train new employees on handling inbound/outbound calls for quality and image control.

Call recording

Supervisors and other authorised users may record employee calls for training purposes. Individuals can have their call recorded for reference.
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Share one number across devices

Make customers feel special every time they connect with your brand. Give employees AI-powered tools to keep them connected. And be ready to pivot continuously to meet ever-changing needs.
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